What is 4K Screen Technology?

Important and useful information about 4K display technology

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4K screen technology has led to significant changes in the field of display technology. With 4K screen system, the picture quality is much better. Many technology companies are doing significant research on 4K screen technology. In this article I have compiled important information about 4K screen technology for you.

4K Screen Technology : High Level Resolution

The 4K word actually means 3840×2160 resolution. Many companies produce products that support this screen resolution in their phones and televisions. With 4K display technology, which offers a high level of resolution, we can see sharper and clearer images on TV. But in order to be able to perceive the quality of this resolution we need to make better observations on large screen devices.

4K Screen Technology
Image source : Eizo

4K High-resolution screens are not really common among users. At the moment, Sony is known for its phones with the Xperia 4K display. However, the use of the 4K display causes fast charge consumption on mobile phones. It is not right to use 4K display technology for the phone because the battery technology is weak.

4K ScreenTechnology: When was it launched?

4K display technology was first tried and used between 2010 and 2011. The research and development process is known to be in Japan. This technology, which is the result of researches and developments of Japanese companies, is also being used by South Korea. In particular, Sony and LG manufacture televisions and telephones using 4K display technology.

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4K Screen Technology Size Levels
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In the following years, companies working on 4K display technology will develop 8K screens and 16K screens. These screens will be used on virtual reality technology. I think we can not distinguish the real world from the virtual world in the following years 🙂

Why is 4K Display Technology Important?

4K Ultra HD Screen
Image Source from TeknolojiOku

The importance of 4K display technology, in fact, emerge with the development of image technology. When we put two 4K and HD TVs side by side and watch the same broadcast, the 4K display technology will be unmistakably clear. As a result, everyone wants to be able to watch television, shoot video at the best quality, right? That’s why, 4K resolution is extremely important.

My Last Words

Today, if 4K display technology is experiencing significant improvements, it is because people want to see better quality images. People need quality and I believe we will see a better quality world in the years that we have progressed. We are really in need of human qualities and will understand it better, especially with better quality images.

Thank you for reading.

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