4K Trouble for 5the Generation Apple TV

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Apple TV technology is a similar development to the iPhone and MacBook series. The 4th country has now brought new serial television technologies to the users. With Apple’s recent work, the fourth generation of the series emerged from the information about the next generation Apple product shortly after it was announced that the emerging Apple TV products would continue to evolve. For the 5th generation Apple TV products, the biggest innovation is expected to be 4K resolution support. The introduction of 4K support in future TV technologies with TVOS 11 will bring some problems.

Will Your Product’s Internet Speed ​​Be Sufficient?

With the arrival of 4K support, the first issue that will come on the agenda will be the internet service which can provide 4K supported images. Apple TV will support 4K images, but how successful will the internet service that 4K-capable users can offer uninterruptedly? I do not know if Apple will do any special work on this issue. As a result of the work, internet speeds will be introduced again.

Future in Games with New Operating System

Together with the new TVOS 11 operating system, it will now be available on Apple TV for users in a wide range of mobile games, and these games will be open to developers. It is also a matter of curiosity as to what features the game will have as a new platform for game developers.

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