Dell’s 8K Monitor: Beyond the Good

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With a resolution of 7680 X 4320, 8K screens were spoken for a long time, but even the 4K screen was not widely adopted even for television broadcasts, and the 8K was not predicted to come out.

Design and Game-centric computers could be used for more visible. As a matter of fact, Dell began selling its first 8K monitor with 178-inch, 31.5-inch, IPs. The display can be used both horizontally and vertically due to 6ms response time monitor ergonomics.

The pixel density of this monitor, pre-ordered from the virtual environment, is 279 PPI. The 5K iMac has a pixel density of 217 PPI. Dell’s 8K monitor has a contrast ratio of 1300: 1 and 400 nits brightness. The monitor also includes sRGB color support with Adobe RGB. 8K technology means imaging more than 33 million pixels at a time.

With 8K technology, this monitor is better understood when looking at the premise with the difference between 2K (full HD) and 4K.

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On the other hand, since a single display port can not transmit this resolution at a 60Hz rate, it means that a monitor can be connected via two 1.3-wire channels. The 8K Monitor combines these two streams of images together and presents them.

It will burn a lot of pockets on the price. Are you ready? Dell’s 8K monitor costs just $ 4,999! The product will take its place on the shelves after April 14th.

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