The Fifth Generation Apple TV Device will Support 4K

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At the beginning of February, Apple announced it had recruited Timothy D. Twerdhal, Amazon’s former director of streaming FireTV. Now there is news about the new version of Apple TV, the world’s most popular video streaming device. Apple TV’s “J105” encoded fifth generation device will support 4K resolution.

5th Generation Apple Tv Has 4K Support

Information about the ongoing testing of the device is now available from sources close to Apple. With the rise of televisions supporting 4K resolution worldwide by 2016, not only Apple, but all competitors have begun to support 4K. At the moment Amazon (Fire TV), Roku (Ultra 4K), Google (Chromecast Ultra) and Nvidia (Shield TV) sell similar video devices that offer 4K resolution.

The fifth-generation Apple TV will have a new color tuning feature that will allow more vibrant colors to be displayed on TV, except for 4K support. But it is unclear whether the new device will offer the HDR (High Dynamic Range) feature. Apple’s new product is expected to hit the market in the first half of this year (2017).

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