Layer3 TV : Live and On-Demand 4K Ultra HD Content

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Layer3 TV, a Denver-based “next-generation” wire provider for the spot and other areas of the U.S has made a good public assertion to the result that the business is starting to give you a (for the present time) limited collection of live and on-demand 4K ultra HD articles to subscribers. The business also reminded consumers and potential members that of their set-leading boxes presently support the ultra HD format.

One of the primary offerings by Layer3 Tv set is actually likely to get the recently released-found in-4K famous BBC Broadcasting documentary series THE WORLD II, which comes in both 4K image resolution and HDR to some extent. The Layer3 program will be managing releases of THE WORLD II to its own subscribers on a scheduled basis as the episodes from the stunningly gorgeous six-part character series become available one by one each week from late April onwards.

Then there will also be an imminent opening of access to the Nasa TV channel in 4K UHD to Layer3 subscribers.

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Yes, these selections are pretty slim to start off with but they do represent a start to the company’s support and in a market where the majority of 4K UHD video content still comes from only a small handful of major or minor players, any new addition to the home entertainment resolution landscape in this format is absolutely welcome, especially if it looks ambitious enough to keep growing its collection of videos and other programming. Level3 is giving the distinctive impression that it can want to ambitiously develop with the 4K OTT program it’s now going to release.

Of training, subscribers to Layer3 TV’s service who curently have among the company’s set-leading boxes must own a 4K TV as a way to unlock the set-leading devices’ even so latent built-in 4K capabilities. Those subscribers to Level3 TV who do curently have a 4K Television set can access the brand new articles offerings without having to pay any additional fees in line with the company. Specifically, Level3’s publicity because of this states that members with their allHD package should be able to watch THE WORLD II on-demand once its episodes start off coming out by April 24th. The Nasa Television set channel feed in live 4K will be accessible for viewing anytime.

The wider need for these small 4K ultra HD steps by Layer3 TV are that the business is now yet another addition to a tiny but expanding couple of OTT broadcasters who offer 4K programming of some kind or another. Other solutions with their own content selections consist of DirecTV, Dish Network and Comcast. All of these services are still in the early consumer market expansion stages of their solutions to differing degrees of progress. DirecTV and Dish in particular have started advancing substantially though in delivering live and on-demand 4K content. Dish in particular has already provided live 4K sportscasts to its subscribers and is planning a full routine of such live UHD content for the rest of this year and beyond.


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