Microsoft: “Project Scorpio Will Be Best in 4K”

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The E3 fair time is getting closer and closer. The news about the consoles has also begun to increase. Preparations for Scorpio, produced for the mid-level, continue at full throttle. The console can now be viewed even on the Xbox Store, but of course not yet on sale.

For Project Scorpio, located on the Xbox Store, Microsoft is indeed very ambitious. The device has a “first and real 4K experience” on its website. PlayStation 4 Pro? Was not that 4K too?


The explanation in this regard is that the PS4 Pro is upscaling the image. I bought a 4K non-viewable PS4 Pro and looked like 4K. Scorpio’s claim is to play games entirely in 4K without upscaling naturally. Obviously, PS4 Pro does not know exactly what it does.

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But is Scorpio able to do that, or is it just a word game? Because upscale work can also be done in Scorpio, and it will not come out easily. Whether this is a marketing tactic or a real one will be revealed at the E3 fair.

So what do you think about this? Can Scorpio really pass the PS4 Pro?


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