New SSDs for 4K video content producers from Sony

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Sony extended the G-series professional SSD family with two new SSD drives. 960GB (SV-GS96) and 480GB (SV-GS48). Sony’s new SSDs offer a solution for high bitrate recorders that are efficient, stable and flexible. SSDs that meet the expectations of users, especially 4K video recorders, can read at 550 MB / s and write speeds of 500 MB / s. SSDs that include a more durable SATA connector compared to standard drives can be used for a long time without malfunction.

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Sony’s 960 GB memory has a 2,400 terabyte rating. With this rating, SSD allows 5 days a week to write data continuously for 10 years. The 480 GB model gives about half of this durability. Designed for ultra-fast and stable data writing, Sony’s new SSDs also have a technology that prevents sudden speed drops. When matched to the required connection cables, the new G Series drives can be easily removed from a recorder and connected to a computer for downloading files. This makes it easier for users to edit. Sony’s new G-Series SSDs will be available on the market next month. The 960 GB model will be available for sale at $ 539 and the 480 GB model at $ 287.

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