What is Quantum Dot Display Technology?

Important and useful information about Quantum Dot Display Technology

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Quantum dots are the names given to crystals with nanometer readings. These crystals are semiconductive. It can be called a huge artificial cluster or a crystal structure that contains a certain amount of atoms. The diameter of the quantum dots varies between 2 or 15 nanometers in length.

Televisions using Quantum Dot display technology have a lot of color balance and precision. Philips, one of the world’s largest technology giants, is one of the first companies to produce television with Quantum Dot display technology.

Quantum dot technology: Why Better and Different?

Quantum Dot Technology
Credits by DIY Physics

Quantum dots are sensitive to light. The light first sucks and then spreads out. The light absorbed by each point has a different color or wavelength depending on the size of the nucleus. For example; A quantum dot with a core of 2 nanometers emits blue light. The core, which has a slightly higher measurement than this, emits red light.

The color of the light emitted by quantum dots is constant and pure. Quantum dots can offer very sharp colors. The reason for this is that the spectral range of the light coming from the quantum dots is narrower.

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In short, quantum dot technology causes colors to be seen more clearly and sharply.

Quantum dot technology is highly efficient. It produces more colors compared to phosphorus found in conventional televisions. Higher light sensitivity allows for better light efficiency.

Samsung and Quantum Dot Technology : Innovative Ideas

Samsung 4K UHD Quantum Dot TV

Quantum dot technology was generally produced with cadmium-containing compounds such as cadmium sulphate (CdS) or selenide (CdSe). Nano degradation caused toxic Cd2 + ion release, which had negative effects on the environment.

The quantum dots produced by Samsung do not contain cadmium. Samsung uses an indium (In) element instead of a kadium element. Samsung is already known as the only company in the world to produce quantum dots without cadmium. In this regard, SAMSUNG has about 150 patents.

With the durability of the quantum dots that SAMSUNG has produced, it reveals the claim of this issue. By applying the protective layer of 4 layers with the quantum dot that is produced, it makes a quality work ..

In short, it builds a high-quality 4K display technology that protects itself over the years.

My Last Words about Quantum Dot Technology

The world is more beautiful with a quality image. It is nice to see everything clearly and be happy with what we see. We understand better the importance of seeing and seeing with this technology. I think like this.

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