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There are many options among 4K smart TV options. Among these options, I make 4K smart tv reviews that need to be read to make it easier to choose. This review is for you with the SAMSUNG KS8000 4K TV review.

It will make your decision to buy or not to buy it with this review even easier.

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Overview about Samsung KS8000 4K Smart TV

Samsung KS8000 TV
Samsung KS8000 TV

I would like to continue reviewing this 4K Smart TV in subheadings:

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Design of Samsung KS8000 TV

I look at this television positively about design. Despite having a simple design, it looks very good quality. The back of the television is black, but it is tough and scratch resistant.

The corners are not curvy, but they are a little rounded and aesthetic. The average thickness is about 1.5 inch (3.8 cm).

Screen Quality of Samsung KS8000 TV

Offering great picture quality, the SAMSUNG KS8000 4K TV ensures that we do not have to shoot very sharp and clear images even in the dark. HDR balance and traceability quality looks really good. Now let me give you some more detailed information:

Contrast of Samsung KS8000 TV

  • Black Show: 0.016 cd/m2
  • White Show: 110.5 cd/m2
  • Contrast Show Help: 6906 : 1

SDR Peak Brightness of Samsung KS8000 TV

Below is enough information about SDR Peak:

  • SDR Real Scene Peak Brightness Show: 489 cd/m2
  • SDR Peak 2% Window Show: 1116 cd/m2
  • SDR Peak 10% Window Show: 1332 cd/m2
  • SDR Peak 25% Window Show: 723 cd/m2
  • SDR Peak 50% Window Show: 528 cd/m2
  • SDR Peak 100% Window Show: 532 cd/m2
  • SDR Sustained 2% Window Show: 296 cd/m2
  • SDR Sustained 10% Window Show: 644 cd/m2
  • SDR Sustained 25% Window Show: 522 cd/m2
  • SDR Sustained 50% Window Show: 538 cd/m2
  • SDR Sustained 100% Window Show: 530 cd/m2

HDR Peak Brightness of Samsung KS8000 TV

Set Smart LED setting at high level. At this point you will reach the highest quality result.


Motion of Samsung KS8000 TV

LCD TV Buying guide has said

This figure represents an enhanced Hz rate for the 120Hz panel. By manipulating the powerful LEDs Samsung is able to produce an “effectively” faster refresh rate. The input lag is a little slower than most new TVs on the market at around 40ms in Game mode, but it’s almost unnoticeable during gaming. The KS8000 does a great job with fast motion images on screen. Good for sports.

Picture Calibration and Settings

You can choose from 5 different screen calibration settings. Movie, Natural, Standard, Vivid and Game mode

Performance of Samsung KS8000 TV

Trusted has said:

The KS8000 also delivers reasonably deep, natural black levels for an LCD screen. There’s more greyness over dark areas than you see with TVs such as Samsung’s KS9500 series or Panasonic’s DX902 series, which use lights placed directly behind the screen. Plus, of course, LG’s OLED TVs deliver black-level depths that border on perfection. By edge LED standards, the KS8000’s black-level performance is excellent – especially in the context of its high brightness levels.

Should You Buy?

If your budget is sufficient, we suggest you buy this television. But if your budget is a little less, I recommend reading the VIZIO 40 Inch 4K Smart TV review. It may be a more affordable and more affordable option. Finally;



  • No 3D

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