Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Estimated Features

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For Samsung, the year of 2016 was a scene that will never be forgotten. Samsung’s highly anticipated flagship Galaxy Note 7 had to be recalled a month after being offered for sale. In the meantime, as a result of repeated phone calls from users within the last 3 to 4 weeks and continuing the same problem, Samsung decided to stop production of Galaxy Note 7 and take the phone back with a radical decision. The South Korean manufacturer, who took all responsibility and apologized to its users, changed the Quality Control System in an unprecedented way during this period. As a result of this process, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 reached a point of curiosity. The new schematics revealed the design of the phone as well as information on some details.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Specifications

According to the information from these diagrams, the Galaxy Note 8 will have a screen size of 6.4 inches and a resolution of 4K. When the Galaxy S8’s 2K resolution 2.05: 1 screen is upgraded to a possible Galaxy Note 8 4K resolution 18.5: 1 screen scale, a resolution of 4428 x 2160 pixels is achieved. It is stated that it means density more than 800 ppi. In short, Samsung is getting ready for the best users on the screen technology side.

On the CPU side, Samsung is pointing to everyone who will switch to the Exynos 9 series. The Exynos 9810 processor, which appeared in the past days, will show us what it will offer. I think that one of the biggest criticisms of Galaxy S8 is RAM, which will satisfy company users in Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and give 6GB of RAM.

After Samsung bought Harman Kadron, it is said that the sound side will also sign a big change. The price is the biggest question in the middle if you are going to meet all these features with the users …

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