[AMAZING] Samsung Galaxy X with Foldable 4K Screen

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Samsung, one of the biggest smartphone makers in the world, is also stamping on 2017. The Samsung Galaxy X with foldable 4K display is talking very long. This latest technological breakthrough, scheduled to be presented to consumers in 2017, can turn into a 7-inch tablet.

Galaxy X expected to be prepared with foldable screens, Galaxy X is preparing to display Galaxy X at IFA2017, which is expected to be made in 2017 as of September. Then, in 2018, the foldable 4K-screen Samsung Galaxy X phones are planned to be made available to consumers’ services. The Samsung Galaxy X, which is expected to be introduced into the market by the beginning of 2018, is known as Project Valley. Samsung is making the technology production, and while it shows these technologies, it shows it so carefully. Because as much as the beauty of technology is also important. Samsung has also introduced Galaxy X, which has foldable display technology in 4 different ways.

The first one was Curvet. Curvet’s sloping smartphones have been produced by many companies and have taken its place in technology. With IFA2017 to be held in Berlin, the Samsung Galaxy X 4K foldable phone is expected to be introduced to the whole world with excitement for the first time.

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