Samsung UN65JS9000 Review : What is the difference to UN65HU9000?

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Samsung UN65JS9000 is the second tier of Samsung’s 2015 LED TV lineup. If we see its series, it seems it is the successor of UN65HU9000 that previously have been successful in the market in last year. So what features that offered by this UN65JS9000 and what are the difference to its predecessor UN65HU9000?  As a premium class 4K TV, of course its price is not cheap. So, to help you to get it with the best price, I have one suggestion for you the trustworthy merchants that sell this UN65JS9000 with a lower price than the others.

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In 2015, Samsung has made a new breakthrough by releasing some models of Super UHD lineup including UN65JS9000. “Super” in here means all about the upgrade in term of picture performance. And to get maximum performance, Samsung UN65JS9000 is equipped the number Samsung’s 2015 advanced technology that will present high quality entertainment with amazing 2D and 3D picture quality and attractive Smart TV apps.

Picture Quality

Please check out the Samsung UN65JS9000 Review about its picture quality in here. As mentioned above, Samsung UN65JS9000 is a part of Samsung’s 2015 Super UHD (SUHD) lineup that offers one level above Samsung UHD TV in term of picture quality. In addition some technologies that are mainstay of Samsung’s last year lineup like as Ultra Clear Panel, UHD Dimming, Precision black Local and more, it also comes with the number of Samsung’s new proprietary technologies that improves its picture quality so looks more amazing.  One of these technologies is the Nano Crystal Color Technology. It is a new breakthrough picture technology by Samsung that developed for improving the picture quality so looks more true to life, brighter, has a wider color range. The other new breakthrough technology is the Peak Illuminator Pro. With this technology, the LED Illumination behind the brightest area of the picture is increased, so the picture looks more detail with more vivid color. Combination between these new technologies and the number of Samsung’s mainstay technologies creates superior picture quality on curved 4K screen of Samsung UN65JS9000. In the market, UN65JS9000 is one of the best TV in term of picture quality especially on its color and performance.

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4K UHD Up-Scaling Engine

At this time, the great performance of the 4K-up-Scaling Engine is desperately needed. As we know, most of the contents that available in the market still have 1080p full HD resolution to lower. Fortunately, the 4K UHD Up-scaling engine of UN65JS9000 is great, so you don’t need to worry about the scarcity of 4K contents in the market. Whatever the resolution of your video source, you still enjoy them in near 4K quality amazingly. Maybe it is not as well as native 4K video sources, but at least its performance is greater than mostly 4K TVs in the market.

Motion Clarity

Fast moving images are identical with motion blur. So, for minimizing motion blur when you are watching your favorites fast action movies or live sport or even playing games, Samsung UN65JS9000 features Motion Rate 240. I emphasize in here this is Motion Rate and not Clear Motion Rate, the parameter that is used in last year. When I am writing this review, I have not got the information why Samsung not used Clear Motion Rate as a parameter of motion clarity of their lineup in this year. But this is not important. The most important is about the performance of Samsung UN65JS9000 when displaying contents with lots of fast scenes. As a result, you will see clear and smooth picture quality with nearly no motion blur when you enjoying your favorites fast movies or other contents with lots of fast scenes.

3D Performance

Samsung usually uses active 3D technologies for their 3D TV lineup and its performance is undoubtedly. Neither does Samsung UN65JS9000, it also uses active 3D technology for processing 3D contents. And the result is really excellent on SUHD Screen of UN65JS9000. The flicker that usually appears can be minimized. Auto Motion plus is still an important features that makes the 3D picture that displayed on the screen of UN65JS9000 looks more details and clearer with tons of depth.

Smart TV Platform

Special for Samsung SUHD lineup, in this year there is a big change about their Smart TV Platform.  For this year, Samsung SUHD TV including UN65JS9000 features Tizen Operating Smart TV as its platform.  If compared to Samsung Smart TV as the Smart TV platform of last year model or Samsung’s 2015 middle to lower class, Tizen operating system is more responsive and faster, moreover it is powered by an Octa Core Processor. The Smart HUB menu that is a mainstay of Samsung Smart TV platform is improved and upgraded, so this makes you easier to organize your favorite apps. The apps provided are also more complete and diverse. There are news apps like BBC News, Fox Now, and VoD service like YouTube, Vudu, and more. The other interesting is about its Smart Touch Remote that has a different design than last year model.  It has point and clicks function, voice command, more plenty surface of touchpad, and more.

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Samsung UN65JS9000 Key Specification

Specs and Features
Size 65” (64.5”)
Resolution 4K (3840 x 2160)
Panel Type Curved SUHD
Motion Rate 240 Hz
Important technology Nano Crystal Technology, Peak Illuminator Pro, PurColor, Auto Depth Enhancer, and more
Ultra Clear Panel Yes (Pro)
Dimming Technology UHD Dimming with Precision Black
3D Technology Active
Smart TV Platform Tizen Operating System
Processor Octa Core
Audio Channel 4.2
Audio Power 60 Watt
Sound Effect DNSE+

The Pros

  • Curved Panel Improves side viewing angle performance and creates panoramic effect
  • SUHD technology delivers 64x greater color expression than conventional UHD TV
  • Strong LED Lighting and UHD Dimming with precision black local create very strong contrast and deep black level.
  • Nano Crystal technology and Peak Illuminator Pro creates brilliant true to life picture quality with exceptional color and detail
  • Tizen Operating System and an Octa core processor offers faster and more easy to use Smart TV platform with tons of interesting apps

 The Cons

  • The price is not cheap
  • No built in Camera for motion control or Skype
  • 3D glasses is more expensive than passive 3D glasses

Overall Review

Samsung UN65JS9000 is the second best of Samsung’s 2015 LED TV lineup in term of picture quality. There is JS9500 series as the best picture performance that comes with full array backlighting technology. The main key of the great picture performance of UN65JS9000 is the SUHD technology that comes with new breakthrough technologies like Nano Crystal Color Technology and Peak Illuminator. Indirectly, this also has an effect on its 3D performance so more excellent. In 2015, Samsung’s SUHD lineup comes with Tizen Operating system that offers faster and more easy to use than Samsung Smart TV as a platform of last year model or middle to lower model of Samsung’s LED TV lineup, moreover it is powered by an Octa Core Processor. UN65JS9000 is the TV that approached perfection in terms of picture quality, Smart TV platform, or audio performance.

Samsung UN65JS9000 Review by end users

What do the people who have purchased this premium class of Samsung 65 Inch SUHD TV talk about its performance? According to its high average rating that have been rated by the people who have written about Samsung UN65JS9000 Review at some big names of the merchants that sell this UN65JS9000, most of these people are very satisfied with its performance. So, if you are searching premium class 65 Inch 4K TVs with superior picture quality in 2D or 3D and attractive and faster smart TV platform, you should consider UN65JS9000 as your choice.

As your further consideration before you decide to buy this Samsung 65 Inch SUHD JS9000 series, please click here to read Samsung UN65JS9000 Review by the people who have purchased this Samsung’s 2015 65 Inch SUHD 4K TV.

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