Samsung UN65JU6700 Review : 65 Inch Curved 4K UHD TV under $2700

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Samsung UN65JU6700 is a part of JU6500 series, the lowest model of Samsung’s 2015 Curved 4K LED TV lineup. 3D technology is the big lack of this Samsung 65 Inch JU6700 series. But if 3D technology is not your main consideration in searching 4K TVs, you can consider it as your options. So, what features that offered by this UN65JU6700 and how is its performance? To know a lot about, please check out the Samsung UN65JU6700 Review below, who knows what are offered by this 65 Inch 4K TV is in accordance with your preferences. How much price is it for? You need to know, when it was first released, this Samsung UN65JU6700 is priced at about $2500. But we all know, this price may still change and usually tend to go down as time goes by.

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In 2015, Samsung has released more models of their 4K TV than last year, even Samsung divides their 4K line up into 2, first UHD lineup and second SUHD lineup. In here, Samsung UN65JU6700 is a part of Samsung UHD lineup and lowest series that come with curved panel technology. And 3D ability is the big lack of this UN65JU6700.

Picture Quality

Although without 3D technology, Samsung UN65JU6700 is still powerful in term of picture performance. One thing that makes it different to other 4K TVs in its class is about curved panel. As we know, curved panel offers a different sense with panoramic effect in enjoying entertainment in your home. Additionally, with curved panel, the picture that displayed on 4K screen of UN65JU6700 feels bigger. In term of color reproduction, there are PurColor technology and Wide Enhancer Color Plus that support UN60JU6700 to delivers richer color, so the picture looks more natural and true-to-life. You need to know, in last year PurColor technology is only featured by high class Samsung TV lineup. In term of contrast enhancement, Samsung UN65JU6700 relies on the great performance of UHD Dimming, the advanced local dimming technology that developed for improving the contrast and black level of Samsung 4K TV lineup. Additionally, there is Auto Depth Enhancer technology that optimizes contrast across multiple areas of the picture. And the result is great. You will enjoy amazing 4K picture quality on the curved screen of UN65JU6700 with strong contrast and exceptional color. In term of picture quality UN65JU6700 is included one of the best.

Motion Clarity

Behind smooth and clear picture quality that produced by Samsung UN65JU6700 when it is displaying fast moving images, there is Motion Rate 120 technology that supports it. This is not a highest level because some series above it uses Motion Rate 240 that offers smoother and clearer picture quality. But what are produced by UN65JU6700 is good enough. There is almost no motion blurs when you are watching your favorite sports program, fast movies, or playing games.

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Side Viewing Angle

Most of LED TVs available in the market has an issue about side viewing angle, but this issue is not for Samsung UN65JU6700. You need to know in addition mentioned previously, curved panel also can maintain contrast and color quality from degradation when you are watching TV from side viewing angle. Now, you don’t need to place your seats in front and center of the screen of UN65JU6700. Wherever you see, you will enjoy superior 4K quality without contrast and color quality degradation.

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4K UHD Up-Scaling Engine

When you want to buy TV, of course you should consider how great the performance of its UHD-Up-scaling Engine. This is very important because most of the contents available in the markets or your old movies collections still have 1080p to lower resolution. And Samsung UN65JU6700 is one of 4K TVS that has great 4K Up-scaling engine. Now, you can enjoy your old video collections or lower resolution contents in 4K quality on 4K screen of UN65JU6700, even the quality is not much different to native 4K video sources.

Smart TV Platform

There are not many differences in term of Smart TV platform that featured by Samsung UN65JU6700 than other Samsung’s 2015 UHD lineup or last year models. You need to know, as its platform, UN65JU6700 features Samsung Smart TV 2015 that powered by a quad core processor. There is still Smart Hub that allows you to organize apps easily. Not only that, Smart View 2.0, S-Recommendation, Full web browser and many more are still interesting default apps that provided. Not only that, there are also a lot of attractive apps provided on Samsung apps center that you can download directly from your TV. And to make you easier to control TV functions and apps, it is equipped with new design Samsung Smart Touch Remote that has plenty surface of touchpad and a lot of useful function including voice command, point and click functions and more.

Samsung UN65JU6700 Key Specification

Spec and Features

  • Size : 65 inch (64.5”)
  • Resolution : 4K (3840 x2160
  • Panel Type : Curved
  • Local Dimming : Yes (UHD Dimming)
  • Ultra Clear Panel Yes
  • Important features : Wide Enhancer Color Plus, Auto Depth Enhancer, PurColor, and more
  • 3D Technology : No
  • Audio Channel : 2
  • Total Audio Power : 10 watt x 2
  • Speaker Type : Down Firing + Base Reflex
  • Smart TV Platform : Samsung Smart TV 2015 with Smart Hub
  • Processor : Quad Core
  • Interesting apps : S-Recommendation, Full Web Browser, Smart View 2.0, and more
  • HDMI : 4
  • USB : 3


The Pros

  • Curved panel makes the color more consistent from side viewing angle.
  • UHD Dimming and Auto Contrast Enhancer deliver strong contrast and deep black level
  • Wide Enhancer Color Plus and PurColor Technology creates true-to-live and richer color
  • Attractive and fast smart TV platform with tons of useful and interesting apps
  • Quad core processor improves performance of Smart TV so faster and more comfort to use

The Cons

  • No 3D Technology
  • To makes video call via Skype or use motion control, you must buy additional camera separately.
  • Without built in sub woofer, audio performance is lack, especially on low frequency or bass

Overall Review

Although Samsung UN65JU6700 is the lowest series of Samsung UHD TV lineup with curved panel, but what are displayed on its 4K screen is really amazing and of course this is for its class. The contrast looks very strong with very deep black level and bright peak white. Additionally, the picture also looks true-to-live and natural with exceptional color. Unfortunately, it cannot process 3D signal because it is not equipped with 3D technology. Smart TV platform is also a strong point of Samsung UN65JU6700. Supported by a quad core processor, makes its smart TV performance is greater and faster. The lack of audio performance can be solved by adding additional sound bar or audio system.

Samsung UN65JU6700 Review by end users

What are the people who have purchased this Samsung 65 Inch JU6700 series talking about its performance? According to its high average rating that have been rated by the people who have written about Samsung UN65JU6700 Review on the customer review page of some big merchants that sell it, most of them are very satisfied with its performance. So, if you are searching 2015 model 65 Inch 4K TV about $2500 with superior 4K picture quality and great smart TV platform, you should make this UN65JU6700 as one of your options.

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