Samsung UN65JU7500 Review : 65 Inch 3D 4K UHD TV under $3000

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Samsung UN65JU7500 is a mid class of Samsung’s 2015 LED TV lineup or the top tier of Samsung UHD Series. The series above, they come with Super UHD technology or also called Samsung SUHD series. So, what features that offered by UN65JU7500 and how is its performance? How much price is it for? You need to know, when it was first released, this UN65JU7500 is priced at about $3000. But like the price of other TVs that available in the market, usually its price tends to down as time goes by.

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In 2015, Samsung has released many more 4K TV models than last year and one of them is UN65JU7500. In addition some upgraded technology that featured by last year model, Samsung also equips this UN65JU7500 with new advanced technology that will further pamper you in enjoying home entertainment in your home with superior 4K quality in 2D or 3D, and of course, also attractive smart TV features.

Picture Quality

As a mid class 4K LED TVs, there are the number strong points of Samsung UN65JU7500 and one of them is its picture quality. Curved panel and 4K resolution are the flagship of UN65JU7500. And Of course, this cannot be separated from the great performance of the number advanced technologies that support them. Ultra Clear Panel Pro is the one of the technologies that creates superior 4K picture quality on 4K screen of UN65JU7500 so looks clearly and details. There is an upgrade level of Ultra Clear Panel that is used by last year models. Additionally, behind the great contrast of the picture that produced by this Samsung 65 Inch JU6500, there are UHD Dimming with Precision Black Local and Auto Depth Enhancer that have great performance. And as a result, the contrast of the picture that displayed on the screen of UN65JU7500 looks strongly, the black area looks very black and bright area of the picture looks pure white. Color is also a strong point of Samsung UN65JU7500 in term picture quality. There are PurColor technology and Wide Enhancer Color Plus behind the exceptional color of the picture that displayed on 4K screen of this Samsung 65 Inch JU7500 series. Some technology including Peak Illuminator, Ultra Clear panel and great performance picture engine also determine the amazing color of the picture that produced by UN65JU7500. Overall, what you will see on its 4K screen looks very amazing and natural with vibrant color, details and strong contrast.

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4K UHD Up-scaling Engine

In 2015, there may lots of 4K contents has released in the market but even so, most of the contents in the market still have full HD to lower resolution, especially old contents. So, for allowing you still enjoy them in 4K quality, Samsung UN65JU7500 is equipped with 4K UHD Up-Scaling Engine that has great performance. So, although your favorite old contents still have lower resolution even SD, you can enjoy them in near 4K quality on 4K screen of UN65JU7500 amazingly. Now, the scarcity 4K contents that available in the market are not problem of Samsung UN65JU7500.

3D Performance

There are not many upgraded over last year model in term of 3D performance. To process 3D signal, Samsung UN65JU7500 uses active 3D technology. AutoMotion Plus makes the 3D picture that displayed on its 4K screen looks clearly with tons of depth. Some flickers also can be minimized. But as usual, if you want to buy additional 3D glasses for your family, their price is much more expensive than passive active 3D glasses. As we know, active 3D glasses require battery, heavier, and less comfort to use if compared to passive 3D glasses.

Motion Clarity

Motion blur is s scourge when you are watching contents with lots of fast scenes on LED TV panel. And for minimizing this motion blur, Samsung UN65JU7500 features Motion Rate 240 technology. At a glance, there is a degradation level about Motion Rate if compared last year model. But in 2015, Samsung has omitted “Clear” on Clear Motion Rate. But even so, this is not too important. The most important is the result. You will enjoy clear and smooth picture quality with virtually no motion blur when you are watching fast moving images like live sports, fast movies, or games.

Smart TV Platform

For completing your home entertainment, Samsung UN65JU7500 features Samsung Smart TV 2015 as its Smart TV Platform and powered by a quad core processor. We all know, Samsung Smart TV platform is one of the most attractive Smart TV platform. There are many interesting and useful apps provided like S-Recommendation, Smart View 2.0, Motion Control, VoD Service, Socializing apps, and more. Not only that, Samsung apps center also provides tons of apps that you can download directly from UN65JU7500. For controlling or navigating your TV, it is equipped with Samsung Smart Touch Remote. In this year, the shape of Smart Touch Remote has redesigned with plenty touchpad area. Like last year model, there are Point and Click function, Voice Command, and more.

Samsung UN65JU7500 Key Specification

Specs and Features
Size 78 inch (64.5”)
Resolution 4K (3840 x 2160)
Panel Type Curved Panel
Ultra Clear Panel Pro
Local Dimming UHD Dimming with Precision Black
Key Technology Wide Enhancer Color Plus, Peak Illuminator, PurColor, Auto Depth Enhancer, and more
3D Technology Active
Motion Rate 240
Smart TV Platform Samsung Smart TV 2015
Processor Quad Core
Remote Samsung Smart Touch Remote 2015
Smart Features Smart View 2.0, Motion Control, Voice Interaction, Smart Evolution, S-Recommendation, and more
Audio Channel 2.2 Ch
Audio Sound Output 40W (10W x 2, Woofer 10W x 2)
Speaker Configuration Down Firing + Base Reflex


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The Pros

  • 4K resolution offer 4 times more details than 1080p full HD
  • In addition improve side viewing angle, curved panel help the picture feel bigger and can creates panoramic effect
  • Motion Rate 250 deliver smooth and clear picture quality with virtually no motion blur when you are playing games or watching fast movies or sport
  • The number Samsung’s advanced technology create superior 4K picture quality with strong contrast, deep black level, bright peak white and vibrant color.
  • Great 3D performance with tons of depth
  • Attractive Smart TV platform with tons of useful and interesting apps
  • Smart Touch Remote makes you easier in controlling and operating your TV

The Cons

  • You must buy additional camera separately to use motion control or Skype apps
  • Active 3D glasses are sold more expensive than passive 3D glasses
  • The price cannot be said cheap

Overall Review

Samsung UN65JU7500 offers the best picture quality than other Samsung’s 2015 UHD TV lineup. All of element picture quality including contrast, color, side viewing angle, motion clarity and other are great. With Samsung’s active 3D technology that is its performance undoubtedly, the 3D performance of UN65JU7500 is also great. Smart TV performance is also great. With powered by a quad core processor and tons of apps provided, Samsung UN65JU7500 offer most of attractive smart entertainment in your home. And for completing the great performance of picture and Smart TV apps, UN65JU7500 is equipped with 2.2 channel speaker system that also has a great performance.

Samsung UN65JU7500 Review by end users

What do the people who have purchased this Samsung 65 Inch UJ7500 series talk about the performance and features offered? According to its high average rating that have been rated by the people who have written about Samsung UN65JU7500 Review at some big merchants that sell this 65 Inch 4K TV, most of these people are very satisfied with its performance. So, if you are searching 65 Inch 4K UHD TV with superior picture quality, great audio performance and attractive Smart TV platform, you should consider UN65JU7500 as your choice.

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