How to Use 4k Smart TV as Computer Monitor?

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It can be fun to do business on a computer monitor with high-quality images. If you are constantly working with a computer, you can connect your 4K Smart TV to a computer. This way you can enjoy better and better work. In this article I will tell you how to make your 4K Smart TV a computer monitor. I would recommend reading carefully.

What You Need to Know Before You Make a 4K Smart TV as Computer Monitor

Does the video card of your computer or laptop support 4K screen resolution? First of all, you should know this well. If your video card does not support 4K resolution, unfortunately you can not make this connection.

Do some research on your video card and learn a bit about 4K resolution. To get support for video card resolutions, search the internet for the model of your video card.

If your video card supports 4K resolution, you need to have one HDMI 2.0 cable. HDMI 1.4 unfortunately provides up to 30p resolution support.

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You may not be able to realize this connection before. The screen resolution and rate may be small when you provide connectivity. We recommend using WINDOWS 10 to make the connection the best possible way.

Display Settings for 4K Smart TV

Display Settings for 4K Smart TV
Display Settings for 4K Smart TV

You should specify an average size of 500% on the font size. Because lower font size may not be appropriate. So you need to do this using the settings shown in the picture above.

Useful Tutorial Video

By following this video, you can perform the action you want to do.

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