YouTube Live Streaming System Is Changed!

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The world’s largest video network, YouTube, has made a change to its live broadcast system. The change made by the firm particularly affects users who broadcast on mobile phones and tablets.

Despite the fact that for many years the ability to stream live via computer or private live streaming software has been open to all channels, live streaming through the recently launched YouTube mobile app was only available on channels that met certain requirements. Channels that did not meet the limit were not able to broadcast live via mobile application. However, it looks like Google is changing this limit. If we look at the clique that the company has determined, it is a single condition that strikes the eye. Support for 10,000 subscribers and over-subscriber channels is changing now.

According to the information, Google is preparing to open mobile live broadcast support on all channels. Even though there is no official announcement, some channels say that you have come to this feature. Even a Twitter user, YTSecurity, has shown that this limit has been removed by mobile live streaming through a YouTube account that has 2,700 subscriptions. However, even if the border is up, we can say that this feature is not yet available for all channels. When we look at Google’s official documents, there are still 10,000 subscriber limits.

Google is expected to announce the official announcement in the near future and bring YouTube live streaming through the mobile app to the entire channel.

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